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 Congratulations to the Graduates 2017!  My heartfelt congratulations ta all Graduates of Batch 2017!

 We  bring  back  all  the  glory  and  honor  to  the  Almighty  God  for  this  victory-your    Your graduation signifies success. The hard and systematic training which you under-
 graduation.  This success started with your desire to achieve it. You created a realistic    went for two or four fruitful years in ACLC College in Bukidnon is a strong foundation
 goal of finishing your studies, and now you made it. You’re hard work has paid off.   which will enable you to face squarely another phase of your life -  a phase of higher

 Your diligent effort has already equipped and enriched you as you face a whole life of    and loftier goals of a more challenging route. Just remember that the most important
 learning and growing.  tools you will need are patience, courage and determination.

 As you continue your exciting journey through life, I hope and pray that you remain   In your pursuit for greater success and excellence, never forget to seek divine guidance
 steadfast in keeping a positive attitude towards achieving bigger dreams.  and inspiration. For without God, you cannot succeed but with HIM you cannot fail.

               Trust not in you own strenght nor lean not in your own wisdom and understanding;
 I wish you all the best. God bless you!  otherwise, all your struggles shall be in vain. Whatever are your chosen vocations in
               life, I hope it will make you truly enlightened citizens, always striving to advocate the
               use of reason and consensus in pursuing a common goal for the benefit of all mankind.

               Be ever striving for the best in all things that you do and be always committed to con-
               tributing towards the creation of a self-reliant and self-sufficient person through your
               sheer example in life. Always be contented with what you have; otherwise, you will

 (SGD.) LILIAN II SANCHEZ-MALAYANG  be  giving room and chances for temptations to influence your life. However, never be
 Managing Director  satisfied with what you have for it will curtail your enthusiasm to strive for greater ac-
               complishment in life. Good luck and best wishes for greater laurels of success!

                                                                                    (SGD) ROGER J. TAN, PH.D.
                                                                                           School Director

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